Spotify Deluxe

Spotify Deluxe

By Spotify (tweaked by Jacks_Cracks)

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A new Spotify tweak that I think most people will like

Change Log

• SpotifyHiFiUnlocker by Dmytro Furman now Spotify has HiFi
• Spotilife 1.8 julioverne Premium for free
• Icon by elysian theme
• If Spotify premium doesn't work then download the old version here
• If you want a newer Spotify version with more features then try the legacy version here
• Added Spotilife Fix which should give you premium features for people who don't have it (But no download) but it will say that you got free so keep that in mind
• ColorBoard 0.0.4 Guillermo Moran Changes your keyboard's color based on the app's icon color
• TrueShuffle 1.1.1 Rango This makes the shuffle more random
• SpotifyEqualizerEnhancer 1.2.0 level3tjg Makes the equaliser so much better
• SpotifyAllowSetting 1.0 BigBoss Enable all of the settings in Spotify that are normally disabled when using pc/mac
• Added Volify 2.0.2 Ginsu Adds a volume bar like Apple Music on the now playing screen


8.7.68 (0.1)

Last Updated

September 25, 2022