CerCube+ for YouTube

CerCube+ for YouTube

By YouTube (tweaked by qnblackcat)

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Cercube with extra features

Change Log

• YouTube v17.41.2: drop iOS 13 support.
• YouPiP v1.7.13: Add nl localization.
• YTUHD v1.3.3: Add fr, ja, hu, nl, zh_tw localizations.
• Return YouTube Dislike: Added ar, fr, hu, ja, pt, zh_tw localizations.
• Add YTABConfig by @PoomSmart: YouTube usually implements a feature as an experiment. You may get to see it while others don't, and vice-versa. This tweak adds a new section named "A/B" in the app settings, where all features can be toggled by you. Feel free to share & discuss about all the features in YTABConfig's repo.
• Add YTShortsProgress by @PoomSmart: Always enable progress bar and scrubbing in YouTube Shorts (iPhone only).
CercubePlus: add a search bar inside the preference panes of CercubePlus.

• YTUHD is not stable atm. You might encounter suttering, heat, battery drain..., especially when playing at 2160p (4K) quality.
• Workarounds for deep-link (aka Open in the YouTube App):


17.41.2 (5.3.11)

Last Updated

October 19, 2022

CerCube+ for YouTube